Electronic Air Cleaners

While portable air cleaners are pretty effective for individual rooms, electronic air cleaners are good for the whole home. The cleaner is installed in your central heating and cooling system and cleans the air going through your ductwork.

The air cleaner operates whenever your furnace/air conditioning system fan operates. They can also be set with the thermostat fan switch to run continuously.

Honeywell Electronic Air Cleaner
Honeywell Electronic Air Cleaner
Some of the other advantages to having an electronic air cleaner are:

  • Eco-Friendly because the filter does not need to be replaced every month
  • Easy to maintain, just wash the filter cell every 6-12 months
  • Highly effective,¬† collecting¬† up to 99% of airborne particles as they pass through
  • Extends the service life of heating and cooling equipment by keeping it clean
  • No replacement filters ever need to be bought

Northumberland Heating and Air Conditioning uses Honeywell for their electronic air cleaners but we can use other suppliers or brands on request.

Information used was from the Honeywell website.