Solar Generators

SUNRNR Solar Generators

Silent, Renewable, Clean, Portable
SUNRNR solar generator

A SUNRNR provides silent, zero-emission, renewable, portable power. Great for cabins, contractors, outdoor events, and all off-grid locations. Your SUNRNR solar generator will provide emergency power to run necessary electric devices during power outages. Since it doesn’t burn fuel there is no danger of carbon monoxide poisoning and you can run your generator indoors!

A SUNRNR stores energy generated by solar, wind (separate accessory) or other source for electricity anywhere, day or night.


A SUNRNR solar generator is easy to operate – simply turn the unit on and plug in any electrical devices you wish to run. The stored energy being used may be regenerated during use or later. Keeping the unit fully charged will ensure maximum power is available when needed. The SUNRNR operates like a “bank account” – you can only withdraw energy that has been deposited and you can maintain a maximum balance by turning off the unit when not in use and recharging when possible. Your account has defined minimum and maximum limits, but your source of income is indefinitely renewable.

What will a SUNRNR Solar Generator run?

The inverter in a SUNRNR unit can handle high loads (Watts output) of many smaller appliances at once like lights, fans, TVs, computers, but a SUNRNR’s specialty is running high inrush/surge devices such as well pumps and power tools. How long with it run them? Until its 2000+Whr battery needs to be recharged.

Example: The length of time a SUNRNR can run a 200W load continuously is 10+ hours with a bonus hour added for every hour the solar panels are regenerating the stored energy being used.

Visit the SUNRNR website for more information on their generators.